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At Rose of Sharon Holistic We Focus On Total Body Analysis, Homeopathy, Herbs, Metabolic Profiling, Bach Flower Therapy, Nutrition and Supplementation To Care For Your Body.

What we Do

What We Do

What we do...

At Rose of Sharon Holistic we have developed a comprehensive and effective path to wellness.  That path includes bringing five very key areas into needed restoration.  Each of those areas has its own methods of evaluation and bringing restoration.  The following is a description of these key areas and what they include.  Your initial consultation at Rose of Sharon Holistic is designed to evaluate each of these key areas and provide you with the needed guidance to optimize your condition in these areas and thereby optimize your health. 


We use a simple in-office urine and saliva test that quickly shows us where a client stands in each of the five health indicators.  This information is charted on a informative graphic and instruction is given on how to move any indicators that are not in the green healing zone into the green zone through simple natural means.

  • Fuel Usage/Sugars
  • Intestinal Efficiency/Mineral absorption
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Waste Elimination
  • Repair Capacity/Protein Usage

The Rose of Sharon program is an ongoing program that allows you to take full control of your own healing process and realign yourself holistically by changing your body’s chemistry.  This program is a game changer for understanding and overcoming health challenges.

The protocols you will be learning and using are long standing, well used, safe and natural healing strategies based on ancient healing techniques.  This program will help you activate your own innate healing capabilities to regenerate healthy tissue and bodily function throughout.

 Potential benefits include:

  • Hormone optimization
  • Brain health
  • Pain Relief
  • Energy
  • Longevity
  • Fat loss
  • Deep cellular detoxification

The Concept of Naturopathic Care

The concept of holistic therapy is simple. It is based on the idea that our body and soul must be cleansed in order to reach the state of ultimate wellness.  We must evade the toxins of some medicines, and take natural steps towards a successful treatment.  By doing so, we keep our state of being intact in order to ensure a happy, healthy lifestyle.  That’s the M.O. of Rose of Sharon Holistic, as we strive to deliver the quality care and holistic treatment our customers deserve.

Started by Preston Robinson, ND., Rose of Sharon Holistic is a consulting business dedicated to finding clients the proper alternative medicine and holistic healing they need, in accordance with their health and situation. 

To treat his clients, Preston Robinson, ND. has a wide range of expertise in numerous alternative techniques, including homeopathic remedies and non-invasive muscle response testing. With the former, Preston is able to provide a full detox to one’s body, which helps bring the client to a full equilibrium before any further treatment. In terms of non-invasive muscle response testing, Preston will be able to detect which toxins are affecting the client’s body, soul and spirit the most, helping him pinpoint the target for holistic healing.

In both of these situations, we will recommend certain herbal and nutritional supplements to the client that are custom-fit to his or her needs. Rose of Sharon Holistic only orders its items from companies Preston Robinson, ND. knows and trusts, so our clients can know they’re receiving the best supplements on the market. These supplements are essential in the holistic healing process. Until that occurs, though, we welcome our patients to browse through our online store to see the extensive selection of supplements we offer at low, competitive prices.

By the end of your treatment, it is possible you’ll discover things about yourself and your body that you had not known before, which may help explain certain conditions. This could include food sensitivities, parasites, bacteria, radiations, fungi, and an assortment of other toxins that could be interfering with your health and state of being. However, Preston Robinson, ND. will make it his mission to help rid your body of these toxins, putting you on a one-way trip to a full recovery.

The key to achieving this is placing the focus on client care. In this day and age, our system is too skewed to finding ways to treat clients as quickly as possible, without much thought towards the duration of conditions. In other words, doctors choose to medicate patients instead of spending the necessary time to get to the root of the problem or illness.

With that being said, holistic care is all about establishing a relationship of trust and care between the practitioner and the client It’s something Preston Robinson promises to do with all of his clients, as he looks to use all the time it takes to find out the best route for recovery.

It is part of our belief that holistic treatment should be accessible to all. That is why we have created health programs that assemble the costs of treatment into one element price that will cover all of the necessary treatments. Of course, we will make sure every day that we offer these services to our clients at a price that is both reasonable and competitive.

We understand how the healthcare system works, and know that medical bills should be the least of your problems, believe us. Luckily, with holistic care, your costs will never be nearly as high as what you’re used to.