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Brain Injury Recovery

Lifestyle Recommendations:

•   After formal inpatient rehabilitation, arrange for outpatient therapy in the home, or, if necessary, in a residential                facility.

•   Refrain from using substances such as caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine, as they can affect the brain more than they did        prior to injury.

 •  Practice good sleep habits to recover from mental and physical fatigue.

•   Accept long-term emotional support; stay away from negative people.

Dietary Tips and Caveats:

•   Consider the ketogenic and/or low carb diet for healthier brain function.

•   Stay well-hydrated; dehydration impairs brain function.

•   Choose healthy fats and high quality whole protein sources; avoid ALL fried foods and partially hydrogenated fats.

•   Avoid sugar-laden foods and high fructose corn syrup; avoid blood sugar fluctuations which can negatively impact            brain function.

•   Eat a gluten-free, anti-inflammatory diet.

•   Eat foods high in neuron-protecting vitamin E such as raw nuts, oils, raw wheat germ and spinach.

•   Consume adequate amounts of antioxidants  and flavonoids which can be obtained daily through 5-9 servings of               vegetables/fruit. If unable to consume the recommended servings of vegetables/fruit, add 1-2 tablespoons of                     PaleoGreens™ and PaleoReds™ in purified water daily.

Supplement Recommendations:

GPC Liquid 2 dropperfuls 2 times per day
Brain Vitale™ 2 capsules, 3 times per day
OmegAvail™ Lemon Drop Smoothie 1 Tablespoon 2-3 times per day
XanthOmega™ Krill Oil 2 softgels per day Note: Prior to any omega-3 supplementation, establish that there is no brain hemorrhaging.

MCT Colada™ 2 teaspoons per day

Inflammatone™ 2 capsules 3 times per day; titrate as high as 2 capsules 5 times per day; 10 capsules total

Amino Acid Synergy 3-6 capsules per day
Ultimate Antiox Full Spectrum 2 capsules per day

The above protocol is designed as a general approach for dealing with the most common issues involved in brain injury.  If you do not see results after several weeks you should contact us for a personal evaluation.  The above recommended supplements can be acquired by clicking here.