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At Rose of Sharon Holistic We Focus On Total Body Analysis, Homeopathy, Herbs, Metabolic Profiling, Bach Flower Therapy, Nutrition and Supplementation To Care For Your Body.

The Key to Accessing Health
The concept of naturopathy and holistic therapy is simple. It is based on the idea that our body and soul must be cleansed in order to reach the state of ultimate wellness.
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Holistic Practitioner:

We are pleased to welcome you at Rose of Sharon Holistic. We want all our patients to be educated about the health issues they face. Our site, which is loaded with the information about naturopathy, you will be able to learn why naturopathic care is so powerful an effective. We encourage you to come back to our website from time to time for the right information about alternative treatments or ask us any questions.

For over 7 years, Preston Robinson, ND. has built a solid expertise in holistic health industry as a naturopathic doctor, gaining the trust of his clients to get the job done with naturally based healing. With that experience in hand, he has built a consulting practice that strives to meet the needs of its clients every day, while maintaining a customer care service that is unmatched by any other company in the area. For this reason, we also offer our services in Spanish, for our Spanish-speaking community. We strongly believe that solid patient relations and satisfaction, and a strong commitment to care is the formula for success, especially with holistic healing. The use of integrative medicine into his practice allows for the ability to treat the core of all issues and heal the body using naturopathy remedies.

If you are asking, “where the best holistic health practioner near me”, then Rose of Sharon Holistic is your home.

This is why we encourage all of our patients to provide us with any feedback or comments. By doing so, we can improve our services to you, making the process of healing that much easier. Do not hesitate to tell us what is on your mind — that is what is most important to us. If there’s anything we can help you with, too, please let us know. As we’ve said, we have the experience necessary to resolve any questions you may have about alternative medicines.

For more information on holistic healing and natural alternative treatment, contact Rose of Sharon Holistic today!


For those who don’t about naturopathy and the holistic practice: In 1920, a new terminology introduced by a South African soldier named “Holistic”, derived from a Greek word holos which means “Whole (Complete)’’. The Purpose of this methodology is to create stability between the different aspects of a person’s life, which means they consider the entire person (body, Mind, and soul) for treatment in this system.

As an example, an old-style medical approach, a person with heart disease would be treated by a specialist who would just look into the heart with modern medicine. Naturopathy takes the approach of avoiding these medicines and make characteristic strides towards a natural and health focused treatment. By doing as such it guarantees a better way of living.

Naturopathic medicine is designed with the notion that the entire human body has the complete ability to heal. Naturopathic doctors(ND’s), Holistic Practitioners and Integrative Medicine doctors base their practice on educating  patients to use diet, exercise, lifestyle changes to create optimum health. As a practice Rose of Sharon Holistic uses the most up to date natural remedies and therapies to heighten your body and it’s ability to fight, prevent and treat sickness or disease. As your Munster naturopathic doctor, we view you, the patient as a unique, interrelated unit (an entire person), not just as a runny nose, sore leg, ruptured artery or abscess or a growing tumor.


Natural Healing

As holistic care providers, we believe that people are magnificent living organisms and built with an ingrained, and natural ability and instinct for self-healing and regeneration when treated properly.

Whole Body Healing Treatment

Every person is a special and unique being. Each with its own physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social, sexual and spiritual experiences.

Locate and Treat The Root Cause

As your Naturopath here in Munster, our naturopathic physicians treat past the symptoms and focus on the root of the illness to eradicate the problem or issue.

Patient Education

We focus on you, making certain you leave with a complete understanding of the cause, treatement, and processes because as you naturopathic care provider we know the importance of education.


Naturopathic treatment is through alternative supplements, which have an incredible efficacy. Through Rose of Sharon Holistic, you can receive the highest quality, most cost-effective and trusted supplements, most of them are available on our website with more competitive price market. What makes us different?

Your nervous system...

Your nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue and organ in your body and maintains proper communication between the brain and the body.

In addition to controlling and coordinating appropriate responses necessary for adaptation, it also monitors your ever-changing needs.

Preston Robinson, ND. uses Naturopathy to identify areas of poor function and interferences to function in the body. Clients have reported relief from all types of dysfunction and are now enjoying a higher quality of life.

​Above and to the right, you’ll find a sample of some of the unique services offered at Rose of Sharon. If you live in the Chicago, Illinois area, call us at (708) 381-0881 if you have any questions or if you would like to shedule an appointment today.

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The use of herbs as a method of restoring health, detoxifying the body, withdrawing venoms, and speeding healing from injuries is centuries old yet very effective. The use of the leaves, roots, seeds, flowers, and fruit of many varieties of plants is highly respected...

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Lab Tests

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Nutritional Counseling

It is very easy now a days to find a plethora of books, videos and blogs on dieting, nutrition, weight loss and health. Just as soon as you are sure that meat will kill you then someone rights a book telling you that if you eat more meat and less carbs you will lose weight...


Distance Consultant

Do not let your inability to see us in person detain you from achieving the healing and relief you desire. If you are too ill or too far away to visit us or cannot travel for any other reason, a distance consultation is available. A Distance Consult is done by telephone or a video messenger with the person in need and a brief history.

How to find us

We are located in the heart of Munster, IN, the expert professional at Rose of Sharon Holistic are committed to helping you to achieve your health goals. With more almost a decade of experience and holistic care in naturopathy, practitioner Preston Robinson ND, is committed to your best state of well being. Patients seeking treatment at Rose of Sharon Holistic are guaranteed to be the recipients of only the best quality treatment. 

The mission of naturopathy is to fend off the outside ailments and toxins from your body with use of a more natural and elective technique. These methods will help keep you and the community of Munster healthy, protected and sound. Prior to treatment Mr. Preston complete a comprehensive exam and work to  detox your body from the toxins you have consumed over the years. He is committed to uncovering the root of your illness or depression and will help create a space for your body to heal and cure itself. Mr. Preston is a big believer of accessibility, so not only does he make himself available to you, but he offers cost friendly treatments for patients in and around Munster.


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Resources for Diabetics

Understanding diabetes is important because it is a disease which can cause life-threatening complications if uncontrolled but allows an almost normal life if managed well. An essential feature of diabetes is raised blood glucose levels. The body’s hormone which checks glucose levels is insulin. Insulin lowers blood glucose levels by promoting its uptake by tissues to use as a fuel. When insulin production is diminished or tissues become resistant to its effect, diabetes occurs. The National Diabetes Statistics Report states that over 29 million Americans have diabetes. That is quite significant..