Your Initial Consultation:

90-120 minutes 

Consult Includes:

Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test: Indicates toxicity levels in body affecting the nervous system.

Meta-Oxy Test: much more accurate than a blood test this urine test                measures a marker indicating inflammation at the cellular level.

Neural Toxicity Questionnaire: Measures symptomology related to various forms of toxicity in the body.

Ream’s Urine Test: measures sugar/fuel levels in the body, intestinal efficiency, mineral absorption, salt/electricity levels of the body, waste removal capability, protein usage/repair capability.

In-Depth conversation with a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

May also include:

Muscle Response Testing: A non-invasive form of measuring body response to certain stimuli to ascertain what toxins the body is ready to deal with and to what supplements the body responds positively.

Face, Tongue and Nails Analysis: A method of determining imbalances in the body by observing marks on the face, tongue and nails.

Price: $110

Follow-up Consultations: 45-60 minutes 

May include any or all of the evaluations done on the initial consultation as determined necessary by the practitioner for determining effectiveness of actions being taken and to determine needed adjustments to lifestyle factors and supplementation

Price: $75