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At Rose of Sharon Holistic We Focus On Total Body Analysis, Homeopathy, Herbs, Metabolic Profiling, Bach Flower Therapy, Nutrition and Supplementation To Care For Your Body.

Distance Consult

Distance Consult

Long Distance Consult

Distance Consult 1

Do not let your inability to see us in person detain you from achieving the healing and relief you desire.

If you are too ill, too far away to visit us, or cannot travel for any other reason, a distance consultation is available.  

A distance consult is done by teaching you how to do your very own in-home urine and saliva analysis. After receiving our training on how to perform this testing you will be capable of doing it repeatedly for yourself, your family and friends, or even charging others a small fee for running the test for members of your community. The resulting numbers can then be shared with our professional naturopath.

Our recommendations based on the numbers we receive from your test will be sent to you through electronic means of your choice (email, Facebook, What’sApp, etc.). Any supplements or detox remedies recommended can be shipped directly to your home address. Video and telephone consultations for explaining the results can be scheduled as well.

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