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In 2005 I was diagnosed with RA, a year later Fibromyalgia. In 2008 I began having series of seizures one which resulted in a stroke.  I never left our house except by ambulance or for Dr. appts. I was taking over 45 pills daily.  Thanksgiving 2014 I was admitted to the hospital and barely made it out alive. I had such high anxiety while in the hospital that I really thought I was going crazy/mad.  I went home to die on Dec. 3. As we left the hospital Kenny and I turned to each other and said if I was going to live we had to change things. We placed an emergency call to Dr. Preston Robinson, a natural medicine doctor.

Now for some good news.  Results: In week one after 2 days the intense anxiety attacks were gone! By the end of the week I was kicking covers off and dressing lighter for the first time in years! Slowly things got back in check. I was amazed at how natural healing could undo the damage done to my body. By week 2 my right kidney which had ceased working sprang back!!!!! I highly recommend you contact Dr. P. he works with clients outside our area. He has a great calling on his life and I am a walking example of what natural healing can do for someone. – Patti Arcand