Who Is a Naturopath? A Brief Guide

The standard response to hearing about a “naturopath” is: Who is that? To answer this, we’ll tell you all about naturopaths and how they treat patients.

Who Is a Naturopath?

Naturopaths are educated and trained in medical colleges. Naturopaths (or naturopathic doctors) use natural methods for treatment. Naturopaths are not quite the same as allopaths, as they blend herbal medicines with conventional diagnoses. They work to recognize the reason for an infection or disease, e.g., a weak body defense system can leave people more susceptible to influenza in winter. Naturopaths teach patients to live a healthy and balanced life in more natural ways. 

How They Start Treatment

Naturopathic doctor

It is important to evaluate the elements that irritate your health, such as poor diet, chronic stress, and poor digestion. Naturopathic specialists do a physical examination of a patient to discover the main reasons for their poor health. Naturopath doctors then use certain therapies to strengthen the body’s self-healing and therapeutic capacities. These include clinical nutrition, homeopathy, and herbal medicines.

Naturopathic medicine’s main objective is to remove toxins from the body, so they tend to prescribe more natural medicines. Naturopaths are trained to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs as well, if the state law permits.

For more complex treatments, naturopaths can refer to MDs. They can continue to provide supportive therapies to increase the treatment’s effectiveness and decrease side effects. 

Here is the step-by-step procedure of a typical appointment with a naturopath.

  • In order to find the right information, they will make explicit inquiries about your wellbeing. 
  • They will then diagnose your health condition according to that information.
  • They will conduct a physical examination for better understanding.
  • They will educate you about your health.

Basic Principles of Naturopathy

Naturopathy employs different therapies. The basic naturopathic principles are:

  • Natural healing power: The body can recuperate itself, given the correct condition and treatment.
  • Treat the reason: Naturopaths want to treat the reason for disease, as opposed to smothering the side effects. For example, vomiting can be a reason for poor food absorption, so in naturopathy, they endeavor to settle your eating regimen first.
  • Treat the whole body: Naturopaths believe that the soul, mind, and body are linked, so before treating the symptoms of any disease, they want to understand your general condition, e.g., your eating habits, sleeping patterns, and any stress. 
Kinesiology testing

Tools Used by Naturopaths

A good therapist will always use more than one tool to diagnose a disease. The most commonly used tools by naturopaths are:

  • TCM (face, pulse, and tongue).
  • Reflex zone of the body. 
  • Kinesiology testing and bio-resonance.

Does naturopathy work?

It has been scientifically proven that it is important to align all three aspects of one’s existence: body, mind, and soul. People nowadays are more open to embracing the idea of focusing on disease prevention, and they support many therapies that naturopaths prescribe. Your health is priceless, so knowing how to prevent illness will provide you a great future. Choose wisely.

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Preston Robinson, ND

Preston Robinson, ND

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